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Sevencreations Extension Condom

  DOPRAVA ZDARMA pri nákupe nad €50

Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov
Kód: D-221980
EAN: 4890888001703
Dostupnosť: nedostupné
Cena bez DPH: 8.33

Revolutionary cover similar to a condom, made of premium latex that will add 6 cm. wonderful in length to your penis.

  • • The upper part is very soft and perfectly mimics the head of the penis.
  • • The latex used is the same as that used to make condoms.
  • • With this case you can, in addition to increasing the length of your penis, give your partner much more pleasure.
  • • Thanks to its great flexibility, it adapts to any penis size.
  • • Your touch is impressively real, if you also use it with lubricant your partner will go crazy with pleasure.

Sevencreations was born in 2002 to satisfy millions of people in the world, the brand established as a solid company manufactures almost 1 million toys a day with a price adapted to audiences of all purchasing powers and people who start in the world of the sex toy.