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Tenga Egg Surfer Easy Ona-Cap Kit 6

Cena 53.70
Dostupnosť: 3 až 7 dní

  DOPRAVA ZDARMA pri nákupe nad €70

Cena bez DPH: 44.75
Kód produktu: D-197915
Výrobca: TENGA
Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov

Riding the lows and highs, these big wave stimulations are perfect for all thrill-seekers.

With accentuated nubs for those surprise drops, see if you can control this gnarly ride! The super stretchable elastomer concealed within each of these discreet EGGs expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of your size.

The TENGA EGGs come in 6 different varieties each with different internal structures for a variety of great experiences.

Great as a novelty gift and a perfect travel companion!

  • Material: TPE