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Tom Of Finland Silicone Stroker

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Kód produktu: D-219883
EAN: 848518026576
Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov
Dostupnosť: nedostupné
Cena bez DPH: 20.79

Immerse yourself in paradise with a Stroker manga that turns masturbation or game into a new experience.

Made of high quality silicone, this male sex toy has a dual density design that is soft on the inside to provide maximum massage on the penis, but firmer on the outside so you can maintain a solid grip.

  • You can still tighten the flexible cylinder to control the tightness. The grooved inner tunnel creates multiple suction chambers for a unique sexual experience that will get you hooked. This elastic material is not porous and does not contain phthalates, but it is not compatible with silicone lubricants.

Measurements: 12.7 cm long, 5 cm in diameter.
Material: Silicone
Color blue.