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Intense Jan Vibrating Egg Remote Deep Black

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Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov
Kód: D-221061
EAN: 8435565908065
Dostupnosť: 3 až 7 dní
Cena bez DPH: 24.96

Discover the new exciting vibrating egg JAN Are you ready for action? With Intense Jan it will be a pleasant surprise to play.
Play this intimate and sensual game together and increase the tension without anyone noticing what is happening. It works simply and we could do it anywhere, possibly how far we will go.
How does it work? You put the JAN vibrating egg in your vagina and pass the remote control to your partner.

With this remote control, your partner will have control over how it is sent because the remote control operates at a distance of up to 10 meters and operates 10 different vibration levels! Your partner will decide what you feel and when you feel it.

Would you like to keep total control yourself? In that case, just save the remote control and decide when and how you want it.
Expand your sensual horizon and enjoy the vibrations as they come!

• Soft and silky high quality silicone
• Safe for the body
• Rechargeable via USB
• 10 vibration modes
• Submersible
• Works up to 10 meters away.
• The remote control works with two AAA batteries not included.