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Jamyjob Egg Masturbator Red Version Discrett

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Kód produktu: D-222081
EAN: 8435565909376
Výrobca: JAMYJOB
Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov
Dostupnosť: nedostupné
Cena bez DPH: 6.58

Manufactured with a medical grade elastomer that does not cause any allergic reaction, tolerated by the body, very elastic and adjustable that adapts to all penis sizes. The interior of this Jamyjob egg has a new stretch mark system that provides different types of pleasure.

  • The interior of the Jamyjob model has a structure in the form of silk filaments, soft and enveloping that produces a torrent of pleasure.

Jamyjob eggs allow pleasant and gentle masturbation, producing sensations on skin contact, never before experienced.
To use it, you just have to remove the wrap and lubricate it. Place on the tip as if it were a condom and stretch down.

  • Inner textured. High pleasure! 
  • Discret case for transport and keep safely 
  • It includes 1 Natural waterbased lubricant 4 ml free