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Tenga 3d Module Sculpted Ecstasy

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Kód produktu: TNH-002
EAN: 4560220551387
Výrobca: TENGA
Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov
Dostupnosť: 3 až 7 dní
Cena bez DPH: 33.29

A clinging form of euphoria. Randomly elevated blocks adorn the walls of this object.

The protruding blocks rub along you for a firm sensation, while the receded blocks cling onto you accentuating the tone. The blocks cascade in a contrasting flurry of stimulation providing a strong sensation with a solid finish. Internal details within devices of the past have only ever held the purpose of providing stimulation

With the process of reversing, washing and drying, however, the exposed internal details are also in fact the external design.

he instant this perspective is realized, the fusion of stimulating textures and structural beauty becomes the ideal in the pursuit of the pinnacle of masturbation.

TENGA 3D Reversal of convention - sculpted ecstasy.

  • Dimensions (case included): 72,6(W) x 72,6(D) x 156,5(H) mm
  • Manga de 11.5 cm